Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Heart-melting Werewolf Story

Yes! Finally!

I was able to watch "A Werewolf Boy" starring Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young.

The said movie was released in South Korea last October 31, 2012. This fantasy-romantic movie is a cute, heart-melting, heartwarming, heart-wrenching, and bittersweet story between a young lady in her teens and a feral boy who had been imprisoned in a wooden house beside the family house.

I thought that it was Kim Suni (Park) who reached out to the wolf boy first. It turned out, it was her mother. However, later on, Suni and the boy that Suni's mother called Cheol Su (Song) became close. She trained him to eat, brush his teeth, social skills, and most importantly, to wait.

"A Werewolf Boy" might seem a story of any star-crossed lovers who were not meant to be, for Cheol Su and Suni were worlds apart. I will not delve any longer as it might take out the thrill.

One interesting fact that I learned in the movie was the statement by the professor when he said that a male wolf will love a single mate for the rest of his life. No wonder Cheol Su was so dedicated, protective, and faithful to Suni. The manner as to how the two of them fell in love with each other was new, unique, and yet still so sweet.

So many scenes had me cry in the movie because it was so sweet and sad. As a whole, the story reminded me of "Return To Neverland" and the story of Hachiko the faithful dog. One lesson that I learned from the movie is that true love waits no matter how long, no matter if it takes eternity.

Song Joong Ki impressed me with his acting. Really, it was not easy to act as a canine, you know. He had to grunt, he had to howl, to get angry the canine way. Still, he is lovable. I also commend Park Bo Young for her acting. She made me cry. And in the scene where she played the guitar, she also sang in that cute voice of hers. Though not singer type, she was still able to deliver a sweet voice that echoed perfectly.

Another interesting fact: Park Bo Young played two roles in the movie. Not telling who the other one is.

Anyway, that ends my simple discussion about "A Werewolf Boy." Go watch it if you are curious. Really curious. ^_* And yeah, thanks to the real owner of the attached picture. You're the best.


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