Tuesday, March 5, 2013

She's Pretty... Or Not

My fascination with "Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge" started way back in 2008 after a boring day. I thought that this anime was super cool with all the pretty guys in sight! I mean, the guys are both pretty and hot!

And one scene caught my eye...

Why did the girl become a midget?

I was really curious so I kept watching. And I realized the girl who went by the name of Nakahara Sunako turned into a "midget" when she was feeling insecure around the pretty boys.

Sunako is hiding skeletons in her closet. She may be untouchable and unapproachable, but get to know her story, and you'll understand her. The cause of her great insecurity and low self-esteem can be blamed to that high and mighty crush of hers way back in middle school, who threw right to her face that she was ugly. Isn't that awful???? Because of one hurtful comment, she took it to heart and started to mismanage herself--from her looks to her choices in life. That single comment broke her heart and exploded her humanity to bits. That kind of nasty guy sure is not the right guy to like... but that kind of guy, nevertheless, created the plot to this macabre but funny anime.

Shall I give him a word of thanks, then? Well, not really... He doesn't deserve my thanks, thank you very much!

And Sunako is also hiding skeletons...literally... though not inside her closet. She's hiding them inside her room. And not only that, she threw away human relationship in favor of friendship with inanimate objects like anatomical dolls and human specimens soaked in formaldehyde. Human interaction such as gossiping and shopping were totally shunned in favor of watching horror movies.

Horror of horrors! Doesn't she look scary????

Uhm, no... She doesn't emerge from the well.
She just emerges from her room.

However, the girl behind the shell deserved friendship and love. And though the guys were really frightened to the bones at first sight, they did not hesitate to befriend her. But oh! Only Takano Kyohei abused her a lot by demanding food, food, and lots of food! Good thing for this Horror Princess, she can cook normal food.

This leads to the realization that real girls are not just about putting on makeup, partying all night, and worrying about that microscopic zit on the tip of the, nose, I mean. Sunako might be your Insecure Gal who does not care about her looks, but she is a princess in her own right. She can cook, can do household chores well, and can bargain good prices of food in the market. Hmm.... housewife material, eh Kyohei? And don't dare forget, in serious situations, Sunako actually had cool and sarcastic remarks to say, which definitely means that behind this insecure person is a girl with substance in between her ears. Bravo, bravo!

After that horrible of a guy lambasted her simple looks, one guy saw through her beauty. It was Kyohei of course. Who in the world can ever imagine that a beautiful guy like him who was chased by girls, ladies, and men alike, but hated by his own mother, would love the Horror Princess?

Oh well, Cupid, you're an Einstein!

She thought of herself as someone ugly. People thought of her as someone scary. Kyohei thought of her as someone beautiful. Noi thought of her as someone worthy of praise.

And I thought of this anime as something worth watching, especially for those who think of themselves as Plain Jane. At least, there is an anime that real girls can relate to.

By the way, Sunako is pretty and cool as she is. She just doesn't know it.

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